Data Protection


Updated – Mar 2019

bpesearch reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy and the latest version available will be on the bpesearch website and this is the one that will apply. We take your privacy seriously and encourage candidates and clients to review this page regularly.

 This Privacy Policy refers to information held by bpesearch and does not refer to information held by an employer, a potential employer, an umbrella company or any other person or organisation involved with any particular process, whereby the passing of information is necessary and always agreed by the individual. To find out more on this you would be advised to go directly to the relevant organisation and refer to their Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal data, this could be as you are a candidate who we are currently in the process of helping find a new job or we already have a working relationship with you based on previous contact. Alternatively you could be a client who we provide recruitment services for.

Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and process any data we receive and how in doing so we comply with our legal obligations to you. We take privacy very seriously and your legal rights are important to us, we are committed to protecting and safeguarding your data and only using it based on your consent and within the obligations of the GDPR.

What is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In 2018, new data protection rules will impose greater obligations on organisations whilst giving more rights to individuals in relation to how their personal data is processed. The rules are set out in the GDPR – this is a piece of European legislation which came into effect on 25th May 2018.

bpesearch will, to the extent that it is reasonably necessary in connection with the business of the company: collect, hold (in hard copy and computer readable form) and process your personal data; and disclose or transfer your personal data to other employees of the company, prospective employers and other persons as may be reasonably necessary, and as otherwise required or permitted by law.

What do we collect and use personal information for?

bpesearch will collect your personal details, including your name, email address, telephone number(s) and CV and hold and use this data for the purposes of recruitment and in order to:

  • Provide you with information about job vacancies and to assist us in finding you a suitable position.
  • Provide you with recruitment services and send you information about some of our other recruitment opportunities.
  • Keep you informed of our services, news and wider developments in your chosen field (provided you do not object).
  • Anticipate any problems with services supplied to you.
  • Carry out market research and marketing analysis (such as compiling salary and other surveys on our candidates)

Although we do not make it compulsory for you to give us every item of information we ask for, the more information you volunteer (and the more accurate it is) the better we can tailor our services to your needs.

How will we process sensitive personal data (as defined in the General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) 2018)?

In the course of providing recruitment services to you we may also process sensitive personal data relating to:

  • Your physical or mental health or condition where this is necessary for the position in question;
  • Your racial or ethnic origin or religious belief or similar information in order to monitor compliance with equal opportunities legislation (see below);
  • Any criminal or bankruptcy proceedings where this is necessary to comply with legal requirements or obligations to third parties.

bpesearch may disclose or transfer such personal data including sensitive data to other persons or prospective employers with your prior consent or where we are required or permitted by law to do so.

Equal Opportunities

As part of our commitment to equal opportunities and diversity we may, from time to time, use information provided by you for the purposes of diversity monitoring.  Any such information will be used on an anonymised basis in accordance with the terms of this policy.


bpesearch places great importance on the security of personally identifiable information associated with candidates and takes all reasonable precautions in relation to the security of your personal data so as to prevent unauthorised access to it both from within and outside the company.

Keeping our records accurate and up to date

bpesearch may hold your records for as long as is necessary for legal purposes and for future consideration in the event of a further vacancy.  We may let you know of employment vacancies during this time that we think may be of interest to you (provided you do not object).

bpesearch regularly reviews the personal data it processes to ensure that it is up to date, accurate and not held for longer than necessary for our internal processes or as otherwise required by law. Your co-operation in helping us to keep your data accurate by informing us of any change of name or change of address is an important aspect of this.

If you make a written request to Paul Bendelow, you are entitled to receive a copy of your personal data held by the company. The processing of requests may be subject to a reasonable administrative fee and such requests may be made at reasonable intervals.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please email your consultant or write to Registration Enquiries at the address below or email

On what legal basis are we relying to process your data?

Legitimate Interests :

  • Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR is the one that is relevant here – it says that we can process your data where it “is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by [us] or by a third party, except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights or freedoms of [you] which require protection of personal data.”
  • We think it’s reasonable to expect that if you are looking for employment or have posted your professional CV information on a job board or professional networking site, you are happy for us to collect and otherwise use your personal data to offer or provide our recruitment services to you, share that information with prospective employers with you consent (please see below) and assess your skills against our clients requirements and the current vacancies we have.


  • Wherever possible we will acquire your specific consent to process your data and this will usually be when representing you for specific opportunities. We will not share your data with a 3rdparty without your “consent” and wherever possible we will try and get this in written form, but on occasions we may have to really on verbal consent too.

Clients and Umbrella Companies :

 For clients and umbrella companies and any other business we may have dealings with, Better Placed will store the minimum about of information required to offer the the best possible service and will do this acting with a legitimate interest.

Know your rights when it comes to data:

Right to withdraw consent : If you have given consent to us, you have the right to withdraw that consent. If we receive a request to withdraw consent we will stop processing your data.

Right to Object : You have the right to object to your data being processed. If you wish to object to your data being processed please e mail to with your request and we will respond accordingly.

Right to make a Subject Access Request (SAR) : As a candidate of bpesearch you have a legal right under GDPR regulations to make an enquiry about information/data we may hold of yours and how we are using it. Upon submitting a SAR, the information we will provide you with is:

  • whether any of your personal data is being processed;
  • a description of the personal data, the reasons it is being processed, and whether it will be given to any other organisations or people;
  • a copy of the information comprising the data; and given details of the source of the data (where this is available)

If you make a SAR we will respond as quickly as we can and usually within 48hrs of receiving the request. It is worth noting from time to time it may take longer than that but we are legally required to respond within 40 calendar days of receiving the request.

There is no cost associated with providing you this information but it is worth noting we can legally apply an administration cost to multiple requests for the same information or potentially refuse to comply for the same reason.

If you wish to request an SAR you can do so by e mailing and putting in the subject matter – “SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST”.

Right to data portability : Where technically possible, you have a right to have your personal data transferred directly from one organisation to another. However, this does not include having data passed to another organisation without your knowledge. 

Right of Rectification of inaccurate or incomplete data : You have the right to request that we corrects any incomplete data we may hold on you. We will aim to respond to any such request within 2 weeks but it will normally be with 48hrs.

If you wish to request for any inaccurate data to be corrected or completed, you can do so by e mailing and putting in the subject matter – “RIGHT OF RECTIFICATION REQUEST”.

Right to Erasure: As a candidate of bpesearch or Better Placed you have a legal right under the GDRP regulations to request that we permanently delete any information/data we may hold of yours that we no longer have a legitimate interest for using.

Upon submitting a request, the information we will provide you with is:

  • a copy of the information we hold about you and the details of where we sourced this information (where it is available)
  • confirmation / evidence that all records and information that we hold on you has been permanently deleted
  • if you make right to erasure request we will respond as quickly as possible and usually within 2 working days of receiving the request. From time to time it will take us longer to process your request but we are legally required to respond within 40 calendar days of receiving your request

If you would like your data to be removed from our database you have the Right To Be Erased as per GDRP legislation, please place a ‘Right to Erasure’ request by emailing with the subject ‘RIGHT TO ERASURE REQUEST’.

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